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the hopeful social worker

Oct 20 '12

the right choice

At the beginning of the semester I was questioning whether to stay in my Grief, Loss and Bereavement class or to switch into another elective. I chose to switch into Social Work Practice in Child Welfare. Initially, I was unsure of my choice. After seeing the syllabus for SWP in CW I feared I’d made the wrong choice, feeling that it would be more challenging for me personally to earn as high a mark. I felt the material was better for me professionally and emotionally, but still I was unsure.

Now, I know I made the right choice.

In my field work this year I am participating in policy practice as well as clinical work because I am a Macro/Micro Focus student. Because there are not specific policy intiatives from the law clinic that I can participate in, I’ve had to actively seek policy reforms that are already taking shape within the child welfare realm. Because I am enrolled in SWP in CW, I reached out to my professor for some insight into this field. As a result of meeting with him, I am now going to be partnering with his organization, the Office of Children and Family Services for New York State to work on educational neglect policy reform. I will get to not only research, but discuss and consult with experts in the field, as well as write new policies to reform education neglect in the state of New York. To say I am excited about this opportunity is an understatement.

  1. vpowinsf said: Yay! That’s super awesome!! This is what students hope for when connecting to professors! I’ve been meaning to get to know my professors for this very reason. You put fire back under my ass to get on it. :)
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